About Austin Solar AC

The concept for Austin Solar AC began over five years ago. As a new homeowner in Texas, it was impossible not to feel the impact of the summer heat on my utility bill. I remembered as a young child going to summer camp and marvelling at how their refrigerators were functioning without electricity. I was surprised to find that a flame was powering these refrigerators, they burned propane gas.

"Could there be a similar way I could power my air conditioner?"

The answer is"Yes"! Not only is it possible, but solar energy can be used instead of propane gas for a more effective and eco-friendly solution to air-conditioning. In fact, one country has already begun implementing this new technology.

While several organizations in the United States offer Photovoltaic (PV) solar systems to reduce electricity usage by up to 20%, I found no one was offering a system that would completely eliminate the need for electricity to operate an air-conditioning unit. Since cooling and heating a home or business is easily the most costly use of electricity, a fully sun powered air-conditioning system is an incredible solution.

The solar solution is now Austin Solar AC.

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Our Mission

To provide homes and businesses with thermal solar air-conditioning technology that does not use electricity or Freon. Austin Solar AC offers the most effective and cost efficient solar air-conditioning technology.

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